War of the Words: Master of Pen & Sword

by Rion Atom

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I want to thank everyone for taking the time to give this small tribute a listen. In making this project I aim to pay homage to the show Samurai Champloo and it's amazing score. I want to personally thank Fat Jon, Tsutchie, Force of Nature and the late Nujabes for the production of the music. On that note, I do not own the rights to any of the instrumentals on this project, I made this simply out of love for the show and the artists who scored it.


released May 8, 2017

Instruments by Fat Jon, Tsutchie, Force of Natue, and Nujabes
Lyrics written and recorded by Rion Atom
All tracks mixed and mastered by Chris Cafe (aka Double C)
Artwork by Tony C. Moya




Rion Atom San Antonio, Texas

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Track Name: All I Got (Part One)
To me there ain't no better thing than
Lead to paper and vibing off the melody
So we're rolling up a Sweet
I got a little treat with the beat on repeat
And you know how it is
A creative creative young mind trying to handle a little biz
Yeah, now that's what I'm talking about
Same shit different day straight rocking out

And I know I'm gonna make it someday
All I've got invested into one thing
Keep my head straight and never back down
'Cause where we're at, there ain't no turning back now

So I'ma keep my aim steady
Locked on target and release it like a levy
Puffing on the Mary very extraordinary
Every night I bump the stereo and bust it when I'm ready
Grab ink (and) a quill (and) I dip till it's filled
With thoughts that have taught me my flow will overspill
From lead in a pencil through lines on a page
Over an instrumental I've been hearing now for days
Same tune same keys of the same Melody
I hear it long enough to bring a blow up out of me
Extract with schematics you couldn't have imagined
The tactics of that's been other forms and fashion
Relaxed when the fact is I'll take another Fat hit
'Cause that spliff's attracted to my lips like magnets
And I've been up on this wrap is shit
I'll never quit (na) cuz I'm a fanatic

And if that's what it takes
I'll keep pushing bars 'til my pencil lead breaks
Then sharpen it remarkably jot the thoughts I oughta keep
Then build it up like carpentry with the proper properties
This is my expression reflection on my direction
I'm destined to be the best and I press it on my perfection
I wreck it in every session a preference that I possess and
I won't settle for less than making it my profession
Track Name: It's Like That
Popping off the top and I look for something to say to
Every-fucking-body in the audience today who
Has an aspiration they're chasing hoping to stay true
Never quit in play through this is how we make moves
Push it to the limit every minute you with it and yo
Every road you're headed [down] you get it and never let it go
Quitting doesn't fit in giving in is overrated so
Hitting a committed note submitting a written flow
And whatever you happen to do in life with
Any dream don't turn it into a nightmare
Go the distance like you were traveling light years
Put it into the ear and feel me like you're right here
Hold it you saw that I wrote it over the shoulder
Loaded a bowl of the doja blowing it like supernovas you know it
As it unfolded I noticed no one is going it's hopeless
Throw into motion a potion causing a stir of commotion

And it's like that homie this is life at
A better time and so we kicking it right here
And it's like that homie so we light that
All the phonics the chronic will help me write that
And it's like that homie this is life at
A better time and so we keeping it right here
Yeah it's like that homie so we lie back
On a dream already within a tight grasp

Stay on the grind and I said it don't ever fall, na
Putting your time into something you really wanna
Keep it in mind that I'm writing on this for all y'all
Everything you saw altered into a song uh!
With a message embedded I want to get across
Hoping to spread it to everyone as I met them all
Put it in lead and I read it, man, I'd've never thought
Then I would be better off meddling with lyricals
But here I am and I'm rapping and living a dream
And I'm encouraging everyone do the same thing
Go on a route of your own and say fuck the mainstream
Get with you been chasing no matter what they think
When there's a will there's a way that's enough for an attempt
Why not make a living of something if you love doing it
Support your habit no go on your way to moving this
Further than you ever did living life in happiness
Track Name: Hip-Hop Soulja
My mind's an audio file my rhymes are projectiles
With a thousand unit radius measured out in miles
A Lyricist I'm a Trooper like Orbital Drop Shock
With an armed bomb and point of position willing to drop
I mastermind my rhymes a gift that you cannot buy
It's acquired with experience over a period of time
Alternate the state of what I say to concentrate
And accumulate the weight of all what precipitates
When the clouds are dark I be storming in on the spot
Sparking lightning I'm so frightening leaving them all in shock
Drop heavy artillery locked onto the enemy
Stop all that pretend to be now pop off of your feeling me
I'll never let this go so none of it ever fades
Forever in my grip and never will it evade
The revelation's in effect so the prophecies are final
I'm changing the course of Earth on the day that I drop a vinyl

The battle's done but the war is never over
Stay sharp I'm a hip-hop soldier
Giving it everything I got like I told you
I'll never stop I'm a hip-hop soldier
I'm writing every frontline growing colder
Look alive I'm a hip-hop soldier
Simply because I'm in love with the culture
Until I die I'm hip hip-hop soldier

Delta unit 9th battalion valiant like a stallion
Rallying through the valley and tallying Diamond brilliance
A decorated general hotter than lava minerals
A lyrical individual appearing all through your stereo
Here to serve and protect and prevent the grim fate of rap
No I'm not falling back 'til all of my shit gets dap
I wrote in this note clean occupied the whole thing
Been active since '03 and now patiently waiting
For the perfect opportunity to synchronize in unity
All of what is new to me and jot it in my eulogy
Build an archive that will reach into our skies
No matter how far I will sit where the stars lie
To get a vantage point from out in the cosmos
So I can't deploy wherever the sounds go
I implement the sentence envisioning every witness is
Vanquishing all the mischief and mission finished with viciousness

Thoughts in my mind a No. 2 at my side
And I'm all ready to ride so I lock, load, and shoot
Mic in my hand so to strike and defend
And I'll Fight to the end so I lock, load, and shoot
Shots are inbound and I'm not falling down
Without dropping a sound so I lock load and shoot
Set to attack in the depths of the track
And I'm never falling back so I lock, load, and shoot
With a weapon that's firing ammunition
That comes in the form of rapping and backed into my position
Ice lot of the opposition with ink all over the tip
Or a lead piece .7 millimeters thick
And When the smoke clears from out of the battlefield
The bass resonates to make it all rattle here
playing it back and I'm making it move break out a track out of taking a tune
Give it a wrap with a better impact and a veteran and [I'm] gonna get it to boom
Track Name: My Own Approach
Roll the weed up then I turn the beat up
Just a little bit of all that I'm in need of
Then I get more 'cause I know I'm in for
Another long night of rapping when I record

I got this feeling so I get out my pen and go right
Ahead and look into my new composition of rhymes
Put on a beat and found out how to compose a compound
I pick a rap and a style and wrap around it a sound
Invest the best of my thoughts in every line that I jot
And then I take what I got and rearrange in a spot
For illustrating a verse articulated the words
So when the lyrics are heard they're visually observed
Concise a message only using what the beat provides
I spit to people, fine, right over their feeble minds
So I wrote a dime multiplying whole Supply of the coldest rhymes
Like they derive from Yodenheim
I remember I'd obsess over every line
Like, "Did I used the word 'my' one too many times?"
"Did I focus more on metaphors then I'm punchlines?"
But I can hear it now and yo, I'm doing just fine
So here I sit contemplating on another bar
Hitting this blunt that when I bought was still a cigar
Stare at my page, and for days, when the beat is on
Looking for typographic rivers leading to a pond
Assemble words together to obtain a verse
Then we dispersed and branded it on planet Earth
I feel it's worth it every time we put in work
I'm making sure we get it done but first things first
I count the syllables of every bar within the flow and
I'm doing good and so I stay headed where I'm going
The letters coming to mind from there, to words, into rhymes
I see the steps that collide and take it one at a time
Until, before I know it, after much deliberation
I see these thirty-two bars crafted from my creation
The hardest part is to start for me, in all, that's an art
I take the basics and lace it to place it well over par

I got this notion that I keep my flowing ever going
In no particular direction has long as it's in motion
The verse and chorus- sonorous and furthermore it's enormous
I'm placing more as before this and flipping through the thesaurus
So I can describe how my mind gets a rhyme in a line
Organized in a measurable time
With the rhythm and knowing the ability
Restoring glory, I utilize my free speech
Recording stories with lessons in them we teach
Regarding all we have learned by living each, peach
I think the more we try to open up your mind
The more liable everyone is to think deep
And if it happens I'm happy we have an impact
And I'll be happily rapping and give nothing back
Just to keep the lead dragging across the map
Until they act as paperweights and [start] counter-balancing the rap
With overflow until I cannot flow no more
And so I go and get it like never before
Lyric assassin when lashing in any fashion
And mashing on any rappers who are rapping and lacking passion so
It comes with writing igniting the light enlightening
Highly and burning brightly and slyly lying inside me, yo
In my whole life never did I know why
Or ever so mind any 'bout it so I
Track Name: All I Got (Part Two)
It started off in sixth grade when I turn to rap
As I recall I don't remember me turning back
I prove them wrong when they said that I was fucking wack
I've even spit some shit that made people come give me dap
Now let me see, how exactly does this story go?
I started off, yo, rapping as a juggalo
And I thought I was bad with my pencil and my pad
Jotting horrorcore bars in the back of science class
And other rappers at my school, they would give me shit
Telling me I was "too white" to be a lyricist
It was automatic how quick they created static
But inaccurate 'cause I'm actually Hispanic
I never let their hate convert into discouragement
I said fuck'em all and made me rapping permanent
No beats, I had no mic, or way to record what I'd write
But I had some rhymes that every night, I'd recite
Staring in the mirror that was in my room pretending I'm playing a show
Rocking the fuck right up out of that crowd while spitting in a microphone
Telling myself that I'm really going to make it that I got potential
So all I really need is a rapping habit and [I'm] never gonna let that go

'Cause hip-hop is all I got
Not concerned with the top I just learned not to stop and it
Might not seem like a whole lot
But this hip-hop Is all I got

I switched my name, I had a crew, but I took a solo route
This was about the same time high school came around
Still, there were things that I felt I had to straighten out
So I started working on developing a better sound
Before I knew it I advanced in what I wrote down
And everything I wrote then became a bit profound
I had a couple friends who were down and wanted in
So we made a pact that to this day we're still honoring
From UGS to Manifest we must have just progressed, I guess
We tried our best and never rested every second never less
Soon after that, I recorded my first track
I was so mesmerized when I first heard me rap
But something was still missing that the engineer saw
So he taught me all about and how to organize bars
Then after that it was on, or so I recall
I've been on a campaign steady trying to change the world

None for the money, one for the show
Two for that #GU now here we go

And so the moral of the story is no matter what
Never let anything keep you from what you really want
Keep your eye on the prize and go right up front
And capture what you after like you know it ain't going undone
And once you did it you know that you stayed committed
To the path that you've chosen no matter the road in distance
You can get this depending on your persistence
That's what I did and [have] been loving it ever since then
Track Name: A Time-Lapse of Mind Raps
A mastermind is at the line his path aligned the mad in mind
He rolled the die and overnight his own design to mold a rhyme's
A goal in eye he traveled all throughout the globe, inside
Only go to find the opening of closed-in minds
Normal lives will open wide and notice no one died
The older culture lies now beneath the road in mind
As is it at the point where tradition withers down
Wit' a sound that surrounds that position
...We're far beyond to only listen
Pursuance of the mind can well lead to a transition
A physical designer of life is a damn myth and
It's minuscule to be dying from violence of that- Listen
...As it falls to a pause
For the restoration of any stamina lost
Recover every bar discovering every star
Constellations with a draw recording them in a clause like...

History is in the making and taking the time to make it
Then breaking off in a tangent away from the once stated
Where parallels are the same and they aid in the levitation-
Negating the gravitation- maintaining the animation
Of this pale blue dot insignificant in size
So the term world wide's only relevant inside
But through the outer limits where digits are never written
Indigenous individuals digging the composition
Taking it back and a regular path it don't make it a competition
When weighing out the differences making it the decision
Of life and everything in it living it to the limit
Beginning and then it finishes ending within a minute
Enlisted in hip hop from Pv to a Lt
Continue a new avenue and new it was intended
For sentences to defend it and send it tenants to tend it
Intentional and incentive a sense of a sign infinite
More sick sources are coursing in through the pores and
Endorsing the four forces of Mother Nature's resources
A hop aboard in where sorcery comes in portions
A vortex of massive fortunes all on untrackable coordinates
...Far out into the abyss
Away from everyday to contemplate why it exists
Maybe it just is survival of tha fittest
With no further analysis because mystery is a gift

Extra terrestrial surroundings- every acer
Everything in sight inscribed in literature
Open ranges possibly all are dangerous
Only one way for me to find out what changes
Go exploring seeing what lies more in
Preparing for conditions that I might be enduring
It starts pouring liquids of dark orange
Sequester 'til the morning this nature is rather foreign
Day two: In seclusion while off in orbit
Accumulated knowledge and all I can do is hoard it
Perhaps store it and forge it into a torrent,
Record it like reported, find a planet, then import it
Infinite decisions and coming in any size
I've managed to narrow down to the planets that have life-
Forms I Can benefit by bestowing intelligence
Upon the minds of residents in harmonious resonance
Ever since I started with real intent
A lot of me saw the artistry [that] part of me still invents
The instruments engaging in this intense
Relation that's arranged in a way that u can't intend
Only then will any being noticing
The symphony of entropy witness the event
Then again maybe it's just an end
To one and to another the only way to begin
Track Name: Peace Out(ro)
Before I leave like debris in the breeze
That was lifted and drifted was torn at the seam
I'd like to thank everybody from supporters
To the personnel who helped me get this mixtape in order
Never "sorta" couldn't afford it always made sure I was more than
Okay with what I imported so I stored and left it dormant
Until the day that I needed and restored a-
Sorted corpses full of organs and I sorted them according[ly]
Then resurrected my collection in a couple seconds
Of broken fragments and pieces of time invested
Within the remnants the edits of every sentence
And letters that I intended to set up as when I said them
And so now I'm just trying to reach out to all
The people out there who support me throughout all
The time I've set on me to get all these sounds drawn
Here's what I did to just bid u a peace out, y'all

I never thought at the start if this mixtape
I'd hit states to hit stage but it's been great
Now from the East to the West Coast I get praise
From Sweden to Germany they telling me my shit bangs
Even a few plays from a mate in UK
And that's the only way to do it if I do say
Shout out to Fat Jon, and Tsutchie,
Force of Nature, and the late Nujabes
Everyday new emcees hit the stage soon to be
Just the lamest new thing once they pay u the fee but
I digress back to paying my respects
I'm Delta Nine and Grand Unified until my death
'Til I've taken my last step; 'til I've inhaled my last breath
'Til I've impaled my last chest with a pencil and that's it.
I walked back to when this was just a concept
And saw that I was able to evolve and
I thought, "Damn. Metamorphosis is odd, man."
I'm drawn in by the fact that we all can
And so I often look back at the start when
I introduced the idea to kick some bars and...
I told myself if I did it, I'd take it far then
Before I knew it I do it and now I'm all in
And since then I've moved to a different state,
Moved back, performed in others, and finished a mixtape
I'll sit, wait, and hope that it gets played
And maybe a couple people'll like why I did say
But until then I really wanna see how far
The music made can be taken beneath ground floor
With each endeavour we're better than we now are
And I love the sound but for now, I’ma peace out y'all